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Runway Handbags / High Replica Spree [CLOSED]
bunnymars wrote in iheartspree
Runway Handbags / High Replica Spree [CLOSED]
Get designer handbags at a fraction of their prices!


Love Louis Vuitton? Crazy for Chanel? Chanel Replica and more designer replica bags for all occasions by Runwayhandbags, specialists in replica handbags.

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First time spreeing on iheartspree, but conducted personal sprees before!

FREE shipping!
Please use the wholesale 10i price!

Spreeing From:

Will order in batches if orders exceed 1000USD.

Email Address:

Payment Details:
POSB Savings 130-61460-4
iBanking or ATM transfer ONLY.
iBanking preferred. ATM transfer please inform me before making payment.
NO interbank transfer.

Shipping Details:

Spree Payment:
Via Western Union.

Exchange Rate:
USD$1 = SGD$1.58

Additional Fees:
GST (7%) will be incurred (1.07 in the calculations).
I will self absorb the Western Union transfer fees.

Updates will be done via mass email and this page.
Please ensure that your email address is valid and bookmark this page for updates.

Collection of Items:
Via Postage or Meetups at my convenience only.
For this spree, I will arrange a meetup after items have arrived. Venue most likely to be at Ang Mo Kio/Yio Chu Kang. Meetups at town can be arranged separately.

Registered mail is at an extra $2.25.
$0.50 will be charged for packaging materials.
Actual postage cost to be advised when the bags arrive.

Terms & Conditions:
- Please spree with me ONLY if you're comfortable with all the terms and conditions stated.
- I will not be held responsible for any damages or wrong items shipped but i will definitely triple check items in cart before checking out.
- Check for item availability before posting.
- NO backing out of orders.
- Refunds, if any, will be done upon completion of the spree.
- Updates will be done regularly via mass email & to all spreers and also on the spree page.
- Please direct any questions to my email.

Additional Information:
- In the case of exchanges, I will follow the Return Policy on the website: http://www.runwayhandbags.net/returnpolicy.html. I will not be held responsible for the shipping costs incurred.
- Items should take approximately 3-4 weeks to arrive after spree closes.
- There will be a $2 Western Union charge for every spree participant.

Order Format:
Please post only after payment is made.

Real name / LJ nick:
Email address: *please provide email address for updates!
Account type and number: 

Item 1:
Item name:
Url: *please add item to shopping bag and check if your item is being backordered/oos
Product code:
Price in USD: Please use the wholesale 10i price!

Item 2:
Item name:
Url: *please add item to shopping bag and check if your item is being backordered/oos
Product code:
Price in USD: Please use the wholesale 10i price!

Total price in USD:
Total price in SGD: (price in USD * 1.58 *1.07) + $2 Western Union charge = SGD$

Transaction Reference:
Date & Time:
Amount Transferred:

Collection Method: Normal mail / Reg mail / Meetup

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if you do not have enough order, will the spree be carry on.

No, i'll only close spree when i hit 1000 :)

Hi am very keen. Wanna purchase 2 items

hi i'm keen to get 1 item. approx US$180. pls email me at snowball1272@hotmail.com when u ordering. thanks!

Hi, I would like to join but I don't know how... please respond or email me Carlao614@yahoo.com

hello is this spree still open?

email me at hotstrangers@hotmail.com

i want to purchase a miu miu bag.

Hello, is spree still on? ple zend reply to starriedust@gmail.com.

Hi can you respond to my email about my refund of $67.94?
i've been waiting since 8th april.

i saw the link of high replica its not working what is the new weblink

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