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ASOS Spree #3. [OPEN]
acsirp wrote in iheartspree

Read before joining:
*Accepting EVERYTHING! Except prohibited items like perfume/sprays, etc.*
- Kindly post order and payment in ONE COMMENT. ATM users please post your order AFTER you have transferred.
- Use your LJ nick as initials when you ibank to prevent confusion.
- If you need to change something in your order. Delete your comment and make a REPOST.
- Do not order OOS items.
- Please check that item is in stock by adding to cart before placing your orders
- Payment has to be in by closing of spree.
- Updates will be done through mass email.
Thanks! :D

Will be capping at GBP 200, or on the 2nd of May. Depending on which comes first. Orders will be taken in on a first-pay-first-serve basis, according to the sequence shown in my banking records. If response is bad, I will close the spree and do appropriate refunds.

Terms & Conditions:
- Distribution by normal or registered mail (extra $2.24). I will not be responsible for lost mail but I will ensure the right address and items are posted.
- I will be collecting an initial shipping fee of $3 per item. 2nd payment: Any refunds/top up(if any) from shipping + local postage + $0.50 for wrapping.
- I am not responsible if the seller sends wrong or damaged items, or if our parcel gets lost in the midst of transit. I will not do refunds for this but will help you liaise with them to see what can be done.
- Items not collected within 3 weeks after stuffs arrived will be deemed as mine.
- Comments will be frozen once order is confirmed.
- I reserve the right to reject orders from any spree-er I'm uncomfortable spree-ing with.
* Please join only if you're comfortable with ALL the above T&C! :)

About Me
Name: Priscaa
My Email : prisca.lai@gmail.com

Website I'm ordering from

Exchange Rate
British Pound GBP1 : SGD2.29

Mode of Payment
- POSB savings 228-28372-0
- Atm transfers and ibanking welcome.

Shipping Details
- via direct international shipping. (ASOS - SG)
- Shipping cost can be rather high for ASOS, will collect $3 per unit upfront first. Do be prepared to topup upon arrival.
- Any excess will be used to offset local postage.
- Item count may be revised upon item arrival.
- GST will be incurred to save on shipping costs, hence an additional x 1.07.

0.5 unit = Small accessories, Underwear, Scarves
1 units = Tops, Small purses/wallets
1.5 units = Heavy tops, Dresses, Tunics
2 units = Heavy dresses, shorts, bermudas
2.5 units = Heavy bermudas, jeans
3 units = shoes, bags

* Shipping items might be revised upon items' arrival.

Format of Order

Real name/LJ nick:
Bank Type/Acct no:

Item #1: name of item
Product Code:
Price in GBP$:
Alt if OOS:

Item #2: name of item
Product Code:
Price in GBP$:
Alt if OOS:

No. of items =
Total in GBP$ =
Total in SG$ = ( GBP$total x 2.29 x 1.07 ) + ( No. of item in units x $3 ) = SG$total

Transaction Details:
IB nick:
Amount: S$
Transaction Reference:

Happy Spree-ing!

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Name/LJ-Nick: Yuan Ling / eatprayandlove
Email address: hesthern@gmail.com
Bank Type/Acct no: POSB Savings / 002-45312-6

Item #1
Item name: ASOS Tipped Small Collar Polo Shirt

Product Code: SMCAH543498
Size: S
Color: Charcoal Marl
Price In GBP$: 7
Alt if OOS: DNB

Item #2
Item name: ASOS Stripe Crew Neck T-Shirt
URL: http://www.asos.com/Asosman/Asos-Stripe-Crew-Neck-T-Shirt/Prod/pgeproduct.aspx?iid=574334&cid=5232&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=3&clr=Yellow
Product code: TMCBT574334
Size: S
Color: Yellow
Price In GBP$: 2
Alt if OOS: DNB

Item #3
Item name: ASOS Plain Short
Product Code: UMCAA652127
Size: 30
Color: Blue
Qty: 1
Price in GBP$:6
Alt if OOS: DNB

No. of items = 3
Total in GBP$ = 15
Total in SG$ = (15 x 2.29 x 1.07 ) + ( 4 x $3 ) = $48.75

Transaction Details:
IB nick: Yuan
Amount: S$48.75
Transaction Reference: 2513569985
Date/time: 23rd Oct / 00:08hr

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