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* For those who are ordering shorts, do order even if it is just one pair of shorts! Cause end of the day I will divide the discount according to the price of the orders! Its to be fair to all spreers! 



Please read my Terms & Conditions first:


  1. I will not be responsible if merchant send me wrong/defective items. (but i will double check before ordering)
  2. I reserve the right to cancel the spree if response is below average.
  3. I accept ATM transfers but please post orders after you have transferred!  
  4. I do not accept inter-banks transfers!
  5. I offer normal & registered postage. Meetup only available at my convenience.
  6. Updates will be done on here and via MASS email (Bookmark this page! )
  7. Initial shipping charge is SDG$3/unit as reflected below.
  8. Always add item to cart to check its availability.
  9. Calculation of items please round UP not down. (eg. $8.3867 = $8.39)
  10. I will not be responsible if merchant runs away with the money!
  11. Please do your 2nd top-ups ASAP before I mail out your items.


Join only if you're comfortable with my Terms & Conditions!


Details of spree:


Ordering Website : 

Current Exchange Rate :

Spree Capped/Closes :

Email Me :

Accepted Payment Mode :
POSB Savings 030610164

Rough Estimate of Unit Calculations :
0.5 unit : Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Undies, Socks
1.0 unit : Tops, Tees, Swimwear, Wristlets
1.5 unit : Tunics, Sweaters, Shorts, Skirts, Clutches, Capris
2.0 unit : Jumper, Dresses, Jackets
3.0 unit : Bags, Shoes (including shoe/bag box itself)
(Unit of item will be revised if it weigh lighter/heavier)

Distribution Mode :
Normal & Registered Postage. Meet-ups at my convenience.  

*will not be responsible for lost mail via NORMAL POSTAGE!

Shipping :
Merchant to vPost
vPost to Me 

Me to you

Payment Details:
1st Payment: Total USD * 1.58 + ($3 * no. of unit) = SGD
2nd Payment: Top-ups of shipping/Refunds + Postage

Format of Order :
LJ Nick / Real Name :
Email Add : *make sure its correct else no updates
Account Details : In case of refunds
Collection Method : Normal / Registered

Item No.1
Name of Item :
Size :
Color :
Alternatives :
*same price only! pls provide URL & Item Name + Color + Size
Quantity :
Price in USD :

Item No.2
Name of Item :
Size :
Color :
Alternatives : *same price only! pls provide URL & Item Name + Color + Size
Quantity :
Price in USD :

Total in USD :
Total in SGD : Total USD * 1.58 + ($3 * no. of units refer above) = S$xxx

Transaction Reference :
Amt Transferred :
Date & Time :
IB/ATM : *state iB nick if using iB

Please comment & make payment together..

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questions? please post under this tread! =]

Hello, I'm new to this spree thing so I don't really understand it.. I would like to ask, what is the benefit of ordering from people organising sprees like this. Why don't people just order for themselves at the website itself? Hope you can answer me :)


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