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A. How to join iheartspree.

1. Membership is open to everyone. To join this community, click here. You will then be able to view and post comments in iheartspree.

2. It is a must to join iheartspree before as a member before participating in the sprees.


Email to: iheartspree@rocketmail.com

Email Subject: Application for Spree Organiser [insert your lj nick]

Lj nickname:
Full name:
I/C number:
Date of Birth:
Contact number:
Bank name and account number: (the one used for spree transactions)

What kind of spree will you organiser: (Online/Auction) -- SORRY we do not accept anymore supplier spree organisers.
How do you usually make payment to seller: (Credit card/concealed cash/money order/etc)
Spree experiences: (Please provide the URL to your feedback links received from the sprees you organised before. EG: In other community/Auction/Forums)
Reasons for wanting to be a spree organiser: (This is STRICTLY needed for those with no experiences. You are most welcome to state your reasons even if you have experiences.)

Spree organizers applications are open now.
Please note that not all applications will be approved.


Organizing of sprees are done at your own risk.


* All posts will be moderated.

* Do not use iheartspree as an advertising tool for your websites/blogshops.

* Only one spree per entry.

* Only one repost per spree.

* No posting for spree requests.

* State your handling charge before posting a spree.

* All comments on iheartspree are not allowed to be screened.

* Deleting of comments are not allowed unless they are redundant, mistakes or containing personal information.

* Supplier sprees are subject to approval.

* Please check your entire HTML and entry CONTENT before pressing the POST button if not they WILL be rejected.

* ** Spree organizers found to be deliberately profiteering will face a permanent ban.


* A title is compulsory and should contain the name of the merchant and the status (Eg. Open/Closed/Canceled)

* Feedback link MUST be included and should state clearly your number of feedbacks (Eg. 123+ / 123-)

* Only ONE picture & 20 LINES is allowed outside of the lj-cut: 20 line includes feedback link, picture must be resized to a maximum of 320 x 320 pixels.

* Please keep your format neat & tidy.

* Your spree post must include the following:
-Feedback link
-Website you’re ordering from
-Spree cap/deadline
-Your contact details
-Payment options
-Exchange rate
-How you will distribute your items
-Details of shipping methods
-How you will update your participants
-Order format


* All spree organizers are to bookmark their pages on fb_iheartspree

* All spree organizers should have a feedback link on their spree post.
Format of link should be as follows:
fb_iheartspree: 1234+ / 0-

* Entries without feedback links will be rejected.


* Strictly no confiscation of money. Spree organizers caught doing so will be banned immediately.

* All spree organizers are to follow the fixed exchange rates given by iheartspree.

* For all Supre spree organizers, items are only charged at 91% of their original price. In ALL order formats for Supre, a * 0.909 charge should be imposed.


* Spree organizers are to hold items for spree participants for a maximum of 3 weeks upon arrival; if unclaimed. Any longer than that, the items' are at your disposal.


* You are not allowed to sell your items by commenting on the spree posts.


* Spree organizers will get a maximum of 3 warnings if they violate the rules. If warnings are voided, a suspension or a permanent ban will follow.

* The suspensions ranges from 2-4 weeks depending on situation. After a spree organizer has received a maximum of 2 suspensions, that spree organizer will be permanently banned & removed from this community.

* A spree organiser will be permanently banned and removed according to these situations:

-Confiscation of money.
-Spree organizers who have been continuously missing in action without informing their spree participants.
-They have received 3 negative fb in 20 fbs. (Case-by-case basis)
-They have received 5 negative fb in 50 fbs.

Please inform us at iheartspree@rocketmail.com if you have found any of the spree organizers with behavior as stated above.


Participating of sprees are done at your own risk.

* Be nice & polite to the spree organizers.

* Take initiative to find out the answers of your inquiries by yourself at the merchant website's FAQ insteading of directing them at the spree organizer.

* By placing an order with the spree organizer confirms that you have read & understood her terms & conditions.

* Be prompt in your payments & provide the spree organizer with valid transaction references.

* Claim your items within 3 weeks upon their arrival.

* You must leave a feedback for the spree organizers at their iheartspree feedback page.

Participant: If you don't trust an organizer or the website she's ordering from, don't participate.

Organizer: If you don't wish to accept a particular order, reject it, at your own discretion.